The Digital Cold War:
A battle for the Human Factor

We lead the Battle against Social Engineering Threats
With Data Driven Risk Intelligence

Digital Transformation has changed the Security Landscape

The attack surface is bigger and outside security IT-Security perimeter. Companies have invested in Information and IT Security. Malicious actors focus on exploiting human vulnerabilities and the attacks are user-centric. 

Our Mission

To lead the battle against Social Engineering attacks to make Digital Transformation processes safe without jeopardizing the strengths and benefits of data sharing. 

Our Vision

To introduce Digital Risk Intelligence as the methodology that makes Cyber Security an asset for your company´s Digital Transformation. 


Social Engineering is trending attack form

Cyber Security Trends


Companies are "fortified" 

Information Security standards are already in place. Attackers therefore seek easier and more profitable targets: people.


Attack trends have changed, they are now increasingly employee-centric

90 % of all security incidents involve internal staff. A striking 89% of security incidents are a direct result of negligence or social engineering fraud.

The Weakest Link

New Cyber Attacks are the result of finding and exploiting vulnerabilities outside the IT-Security perimeter focusing on gathering insider help.

In other words: Looking for the human factor. 


We apply Intelligence Methodology to find
exposed vulnerabilities across the whole internet


Planning and Asset Inventory

We work with our costumer to create an intelligence plan to reach the required goal. After that we make an inventory of relevant physical and digital assets  that might be exposed and become potential risks for strategy and goals of the company. 

Gathering Data from Surface, Deep and Dark Web

We make a collection plan for gathering data by Identify relevant sources across the whole Internet spectrum: surface, deep and dark web as well as internal sources if necessary. Years of experience and knowledge help us to find relevant sources across thousands of them. 

Structuring and Categorizing Data

As a key element intelligence cycle the data is structured using AI and advanced Algorithms before using taxonomies to categorise in different types of risk. Thanks to those advanced technologies hidden relationships among data documents are found creating alerts, alarms and actionable intelligence.

Analyst Overview and Disemnintaion

Our team of experienced analysts check all the outputs from the sytemes looking for false positives before producing relevant reports, alerts etc. 


We combine
Big Data Analysis & Machine Learning with the Intelligence Process to produce 
Data Driven Security & Digital Risk Management
Leading the race against Social Engineering

Technical Riks

Includes compromised credentials, data exfiltrated by botnets, data sold in black markets and devices and services visible from outside the enterprise network. 

Business Risks

May impact revenue and reputation, create legal and compliance problems and threaten physical security of people and facilities.

Employee Cyber Risks

Risks as results of the kind of information employees have access to their level of cyber awareness and knowledge as well as their well being status.  


Fighting Social Engineering Attacks using Digital Risk Intelligence

We use OSINT, DARKINT, BREACHINT andHUMINT to carry out a Digital Risk Assessment by discovering vulnerabilities about your company, executives, employees, IT Assets, vendors, digital assets, physical assets and other confidential and sensitive information that could be exploited by an attacker to compromise your strategy, business goals, servers, networks etc by performing social engineering attacks.  We look into following areas after agreement with our customers: 

- Executives and VIP Employees Digital exposure
- Employees Digital Exposure & Insider Risk
- Domain exposure & IT-Shadow
- Phishing analysis
- Digital Footrprint of company assets
- etc. 

We look into each and every corner of the whole internet searching for digital vulnerabilities of executives that malicious actors can use to compromise your strategy and business goals by performing social engineering attacks like Business E-mail Compromise (BEC), Spear-Phishing, impersonation, Account Takeover, CEO Fraud  or any other kind of advanced social engineering scams.

We use OSINT, DARKINT, BREACHINT andHUMINT to carry out the Social Engineering Risk Assessment: 

- Execuitve Digital Footprint
- Executive Personality Vulnerabilities: A combination of Cyber Awareness knowledge, Power in the company and Personality 
- Phishing Risk Assessment  

Most of attacks starts with some kind of email. Phishing in all its different forms is the most use way to carry out attacks by delivering malware, ransomware, extortion etc.

Phishing attacks have developed to very advanced attacks such as Business E-mail Compromise (BEC), Impersonation, CEO Fraud, Spear-Phishing, etc that can not be managed by traditional security measures like Security Mail Gateways.

We perform Phishing Risk Assessment to find out:
- What kind of Phishing Attacks your company is not protected against.
- Phishing behaviour by performing a 90 days Phishing Scanback and Phishing analysis 30 days forward.
- More Phishing exposed Employees

We deliver as well a world class protection service against advanced phishing attacks as the ones mentioned above including features such as:

-Protect Against Advanced BEC Threats: Business Email Compromise (BEC), CEO and Employee Impersonations, Spear Phishing and Credential Theft, Supply Chain Attack, IInternal Phishing
- Automate Abuse Mailbox and Incident Response: Automatically triage and respond to employee reported emails, Cluster similar suspicious emails into a single incident, Auto-remediate already-delivered emails from inboxes, Native mobile app with single-click for rapid incident resolution, AI-powered incident suggestions to support rapid decision making 
- Threat Sharing capabilities with SOC community and Virtual SOC analyst
- Advanced Training and Awareness capabilities. 

Using OSINT, DARKINT, HUMINT and BREACHINT we can find out the level of risk of a new vendor, supplier, partner etc by gathering vulnerabilities and exposure covering: 

- AML and Financial Crime
- Executive Exposure
- Digital Footprint vulnerabilities
- Insider Risk Exposure
- Phishing Risk 

This kind of Risk Assessment can easily develop to a Digital Risk Management for Supply Chain by implementing Digital Risk Intelligence Program. 

Digital Risk Intelligence is a methodology and process to manage digital & cyber risks; meaning the operational, reputational, legal and compliance risks that results from the digital exposure of physical and digital assets across the whole internet spectrum: Surface web, Deep and Dark Web. 

The methodology is a systematic way of working with digital risks following traditional risk standards and ways of working:
- Inventory of physical and digital assets.
- Classification and categorisation of the assets towards strategy and business goals.
- Vulnerability Scan using Digital Risk Intelligence: Meaning using Intelligence process to look into the company from the outside-in as a malicious actor will do to find out any vulnerability that could be used to perform an attack. (see Digital Risk Assessment) We use the Intelligence Process with help of advanced tools and data repositories: Data gathering, structuring and categorising, analysis and reporting. 
- Creation a Risk Matrix by categorising the risks following our customer risk guidelines. 
- Mitigation Plan for the Risks.

We help our customers to implement this methodology using tools and data. Data is key as we are talking about Digital Transformation Strategies where data has a key role and that should be the same to analyse risks. We use advanced tools and have access to some of the best data repositories available on the market. 

We apply Digital Security Services to find and mitigate Risk Exposure of assets that combined with Employee Cyber Risk are the most important factor for Social Engineering Attacks such as Phishing. 
We offer a proactive Service for mitigation, Protection and Remediation of Phishing combining some of our partners solutions: 
- Executive Digital Protection and Risk Monitoring
- Employee Digital Protection and Risk Monitoring
- Brand Digital Protection and Risk Monitoring
- ID- theft Protection
- Supply Chain Digital Risk Monitoring Program
- Insider RIsk Monitoring


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About Us

Who we are

"Milagro" means miracle. A divine intervention. A company that digs out what you could only imagine. A miraculous light that reaches all the way into the shadows and that reveals what is dwelling there.

On paper, we seem to be technical consultants. But looking at our services and their usefulness, we are caring and respectful analysts and investigators who help companies reduce their risk profile and increase safety to a level beyond the obvious.

But we are not a watchdog. Rather a tender mother, just as our name suggests. A soft hand that helps so that your and the company's assets do not end up in the wrong hands and cause damage.

Milagro is as well the mother's name of one company founders. 

Our Story

Created in the beginning of 2021 as a spinoff from the Swedish company, Jiniba Business Development AB, and the Spanish company Molskon SL, to meet the security requirements of Digital Transformation focusing on Social Engineering Attacks that stand for almost 90% of all form of digital attacks.

Jiniba and Molskon have been working together since a long time ago in the distribution of Security Solutions in the Nordics and Central European Countries. They are distributors and resellers of solutions from: Constella Intelligence, Kymatio, Risk4All, IronScales among others.

In 2021 both companies decide to invest in the technologies of our partners to be able to produce Digital Intelligence Services to customers in the region through partners. The service production unit is located in Spain and Sales and Delivery units are located in Sweden, Poland and Spain. 

Mitigating Social Engineering Risks

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